Praful Bidwai Memorial Award, 2017

Call for nominees

This Award seeks to keep alive the legacy of the late Praful Bidwai, noted journalist and social commentator and activist. It carries a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh and is awarded at a special ceremony in New Delhi. In 2016, the award went to P. Sainath’s web portal, PARI. We invite you to now help us identify this year’s awardee.

Any of the following criteria should be kept in mind while suggesting nominees:

  • The individual or organization must be working in the field of information generation/sharing; whistle-blowing or journalism.
  • Have campaigned against corporate crimes or against the influence of private corporate interests in government.
  • Have struggled for social justice in difficult circumstances – for instance, in remote parts of rural India or at great personal risk and hardship.
  • Has been a journalist, scientist, engineer, environmentalist, educationist, trade unionist, doctor or health activist, musician, artist, writer, who has chosen to write, or otherwise involve themselves in matters of social/public importance.
  • Has been an activist whose work is not affiliated or associated with any political party and has taken up campaigns against communal polarisation in society.
  • Has been an activist or group promoting peace, disarmament and cooperation and solidarity across borders in South Asia.
  • Has been a source of inspiration to others across the country.

Do send in names and contact details of the nominee/nominees you propose. The last date for receiving this information will be March 31, 2017.

Write to: The Praful Bidwai Memorial Committee at: