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December 2013

India’s Changing Political Equations: AAP set to gain, Congress to lose

The Aam Aadmi Party’s dizzying ascent to power in India’s capital should make all political parties revisit their long-held assumptions about what platforms and strategies succeed in elections and how they shape the equations underlying national politics.

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Khobragade and nationalist hysteria

It speaks poorly of India’s public discourse that the slightest perception or allegation of “hurt” to “national prestige” instantly produces a disproportionate, indeed hysterical, reaction.

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Floating On Anti-Politics Discontent: But can AAP deliver?

Within days of making a stunning electoral debut in Delhi, the Aam Aadmi Party finds itself in a dilemma. Both the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress have offered to support AAP if it forms a government with 28 members in the 70-strong Legislative Assembly. Should it accept the offer and assume governmental responsibility? Or, should it, in keeping with its “idealism” and the popular mandate, stay out of power until it wins a majority?

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Audio Recording: Dangerous Militarisation in India and the Militaristic Mindset in Society

Praful Bidwai, speaking in September 2013 on the need to reduce the power of military and militarism in India. (Audio recoding via audio archive)

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Why the Congress needs to sack this man for survival

'The Congress can't return to power unless it reins in prices, lowers interest rates, taxes the rich,' says Praful Bidwai. 'If this means sacking those most responsible for the UPA's pro-big business policies including Finance Minister Chidambaram, so be it!'

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Let’s pass the anti-superstition bill now!

Three recent developments should jolt all thinking Indians into introspecting on the colossal harm that blind faith is inflicting on this society.

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