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December 2011

Lecture announcement: 'Climate talks in deep crisis' by Praful Bidwai (New Delhi, 5 December 2011)

CLIMATE TALKS IN DEEP CRISIS: WHAT WAS DONE IN DURBAN ? By Professor Praful Bidwai Durgabai Deshmukh Chair, Council for Social Development (On 5 January 2012, Thursday, 3.30 PM / At Durgabai Deshmukh Memorial Hall, CSD, 53 Lodhi Estate)

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Video: Democracy Now interview with Praful Bidwai

We speak with Indian writer and analyst Praful Bidwai, author of the new book, "The Politics of Climate Change and the Global Crisis: Mortgaging Our Future." While the U.S. has cited China’s emissions as an excuse to slow negotiations on reducing greenhouse gas emissions during the COP 17 talks, Bidwai says that "we cannot forget historical responsibility. Three-fourths of all the greenhouse gases that have accumulated in the atmosphere, and will stay there warming us up for thousands of years, come from developed countries of the Global North, led by the United States, which is responsible for more than one-quarter of all emissions accumulated in the atmosphere." Bidwai also addresses the fallout from the Fukushima nuclear crisis in Japan, which he calls "a turning point" for nuclear power, adding, "I don’t see nuclear power surviving in the developed world at all after this. This is the worst crisis of credibility that the nuclear industry has ever faced." includes rush transcript

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