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March 2010

No global “nuclear renaissance”, only limited nuclear power expansion in India

No other industry in the world has painted as rosy a future for itself—only to belie the projection—as has nuclear power generation.

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Flamboyant but flawed: the anomalies and contradictions of Indian democracy

Sixty years after India adopted an ambitious republican constitution which promised “social, economic and political” justice, equality of “status and opportunity”, and fraternity (or “dignity of the individual”) to all its citizens, a majority of them lack these. India remains a divided, unequal, hierarchical, caste-afflicted, poverty-ridden and internally insecure society in which social bondage and economic servitude prevail for the masses. And yet, India is one of the few countries of the Third World where democracy has struck roots and acquired exuberance through popular participation in festival-like elections.

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