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November 2009

Holding our fragile planet to ransom

It now appears extremely unlikely that the Copenhagen climate conference will produce the strong, comprehensive agreement which the world needs to avert irreversible climate change. Last Sunday, leaders of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit decided to put off that task and instead limit the objective of the conference to producing a “political” agreement for future negotiations. This week’s informal meeting of 50 countries’ ministers confirms this.

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Anti-Naxal Operation Green Hunt: Waging war against the people

The Indian state will diminish itself and undermine its claim to being minimally civilised if it resorts to organised, large-scale and deliberate violence in which civilians will be the main casualty.

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An insecure arsenal

The task of securing Pakistan’s nuclear facilities against an extremist takeover cannot be left to the U.S. alone.

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After The Karnataka Quake: The BJP as political franchise

The Bharatiya Janata Party's national leadership could not have cut a sorrier figure than it did with its abysmally inept handling of the latest political crisis in Karnataka, which very nearly brought down the only government the party heads in all of South India.

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Breaking The Global Climate Impasse: India should seize the moment!

As the UN Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen approaches, the North is trying to shirk its responsibility for climate change and pass on a good portion of its burden on to the South’s underprivileged people.

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Climate & credibility

India’s climate policy swing from a do-nothing hard line to tailing the U.S. will damage the chances of a worthy deal and hurt the poor everywhere.

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