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October 1999

Big Setback For Congress, Half a victory for BJP

By giving the National Democratic Alliance a less-than-generous majority of 30 seats in the Lok Sabha, and sizing the Congress down to less than 115 seats, the electorate has delivered a discriminating, complex and regionally differentiated verdict.

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Nuclear Nightmare In Japan: Saying no to poisoned power

A mere 16 kg of uranium dioxide was enough to cause what has been acknowledged even by the global nuclear industry and its UN lobby, the International Atomic Energy Agency, as the world’s fifth worst nuclear disaster. There are many lessons for us in India in Tokaimura—and in the Wolsong reactor leak in S. Korea, which followed.

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The BJP’s Dual Agenda: The non-‘hidden’ one is bad too

As these lines appear in print, India will have begun evaluating its 600 million electors’ verdict in hard numbers.

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